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About Us

Who we are?

Fglobalhost Network is a web hosting company powered by F-global Systems Ventures. A registered ICT company under Nigeria Corporate affairs commission since 2008 with BN number: KG9.

The hosting platform was setup to keep up with the online clients that has been in business with F-global Systems since 2008 in Nigeria & across the globe. Several server solution has been deployed by the team behind this noble company and websites were designed in countless numbers for different institutions especially hotels, schools and retail stores.

We have decided to run web hosting business so that most of the e-products belonging to F-global Systems can be showcased to the global world and at the same time secure more web users globally as the need to work remotely keeps on increasing by the day with the recent global COVID-19 pandemic.

We hope to maintain quality hosting services, reliable and stable server uptime of 99.9% SLA and up to date security patches and encryption on the server to guide against malware, hacking and malicious activities.

We are committed to rendering 24/7 technical support in realtime with the use of whatsapp, open ticket and mails.

We promise good service delivery always.

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